Transformational Governance in Metropolitan Environments

Findings from a Collaborative Port Expansion Initiative


  • Fernando Campos
  • Jack W. Meek


Collaborative Management, Collaborative Governance, Network Governance, Transformational Governance, Consensus Building, Relationship Building, Port Expansion, Seaport/Harbor, Environment.


This research examines stakeholder experiences in a complex urban setting froma newly designed collaborative governance process. The conceptual framework of Innes and Booher (1999) is used to capture the process within a larger metropolitan environment in the infrastructure development initiative - the China Shipping Terminal Expansion - at the Port of Los Angeles, California. Preliminary results indicate that a more joined-up, collaborative and network governance has taken place by forging ties among cross-sector actors and producing differentiated governance outcomes. The Port of Los Angeles infrastructure development initiative process represents a significant influence on governance patterns and offers evidence of transforming stakeholder perceptions and actions in the governance process.


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